After days of inactivity the forecast was for a good day so we decided to make the most of it with a days walk and some photography.
Gragareth and the glacial erratics along its southern flanks were our objective.
Leaving the car along the Kingsdale road we climbed up to the Cheese Press stone, two erratics i had photographed on a number of occasions, this time i wanted to try some long exposures. The forecast wall to wall sunshine never materialised which in a way suited the images i wanted. From there we moved on along the limestone pavements perched above Kingsdale to two other erratics we had only visited once before.
Leaving the boulders we climbed the hillside up to the Turbary Road, turned right along the track with the intention of climbing Gragareth alongside one of the many drystone walls leading up to the ridge, a route we have used a few times. However here the weather took a turn for the worse with quite heavy driving snow and hail so we beat a hasty retreat back to the car.
Ingleborough from Gragareth